Management Corner: Past, present, future or eternity?



Within your mind and consciousness, you can be oriented to the past, present, future or the endless time freedom of eternity.

The past is gone, only to be remembered. The present is now, to be experienced and lived as fully as possible. The future is not yet known, yet will be here in the next second or less. The future is where we place what we hope for or expect. The future is what many folks want to know now.

And then there is eternity. Have you ever really considered eternity as a reality for you now? Here is an interesting and powerful quote by Stephan Rechtschaffen in his book “Time Shifting.” “When you set up a peaceful rhythm in your life (or at work), like a walking meditation – or even walking your dog, taking the time to play with children, or having a deep conversation with a friend – it can help to balance the pace of your life. What’s wonderful and surprising is that a brief period of conscious downshifting does not have the effect of sucking time away from your day. Instead, it creates time for you, paying you back in what I call ‘time freedom’ all day long. That’s [time shifting].”

The “time freedom” experience can happen wherever you are. So easily we fall into the mindset of being crunched for time. When that happens, try shifting to an orientation of time freedom or living in eternity now. We can escape that time crunch and treat the time we have differently. It is a choice that we have all the time, believe it or not. When we move beyond the time crunch, there is calmness and we have plenty of time to think, care, learn and listen.


When we are in time freedom and eternity, true, real and active listening is more probable and possible. Our inner voice in a time crunch usually says, “I don’t have time to listen.” Create time freedom every day everywhere you go. Listen fully and deeply from the heart. Give the gift of listening to everyone with whom you interact. Listen without interruption, without rehearsing what you are about to say. Hear every word, listen with empathy. At work, take the time necessary to totally hear and understand each customer and co-worker, then respond to their need or interest. Do the same at home or in the community.

Think of how refreshing, comforting and amazing it would be to take time and listen within all relationships. Let’s do it!

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