Meet Ernie, July's 'extra special cat'


Ernie is a 3-month-old, short-haired tabby kitten. Ernie, a male who's orange and white, has what some people call "kitten energy." In fact, he's supercharged. He's a feisty little guy - he likes to sneak up on the big cats and challenge them to wrestle.

Taos Feral Feline Friends rescued him from a feral cat colony in El Prado when he was just a week old. Now he's a roly-poly ball of fun. Making friends with him should be easy. He loves to play with just about anything. He's not afraid of anything, so homes with other cats or dogs should be fine.

Ernie is in great health and ready to be adopted. Remember there are no adoption costs and all "extra special cats" are already fixed and up to date on their vaccinations. For more information, call (575) 737-9208.