Letter to the Editor: A big thanks to some unsung heroes


Taos can be unforgiving. Precipitous weather changes, bad roads, mud or snow, remote locations, huge distances, sporadic cell service; I could go on. Save for the people here, people I have learned to trust and count on, the difficulties could make thriving here impossible.

I've been driving for over 50 years, and just when I thought I have seen or done it all, last week I backed into a drainage ditch and got the car stuck with a front wheel in the air and precariously poised to roll over. I carefully exited the vehicle, walked into cell service and called A.C. Towing. They were having a busy morning.

I blew an engine in the canyon, had two service vehicles drilled and drained of gas in the middle of the night, an alternator gave up the ghost in Chamisal, battery terminals corroded through and parted in Seco. None of this mattered.

They show up regardless of the conditions, they listen sympathetically, and they carefully solve the problem or get you pointed in the right direction.

So, Amos, Marlene, Randy and Tony, thank you.

– Terry Polis, Valdez