Letter to the Editor: Fix - don't slash - health care system


I am listening these days to my body, my family and friends, about the choices I make and the consequences to my 80-year-old body. Recovering now after three days in the Intensive Care Unit at Holy Cross Hospital.

We are so fortunate to benefit from the great people who care for us from the moment we enter the emergency room until the moment we leave. Nurses today are not of my generation. They are super educated in science, technology, and care-giving. We need this local hospital and it needs our support and appreciation. Unfortunately, it costs a bundle. From paying the electric bill to all those rubber gloves they use to keep us safe from infection.

That takes me to the larger issue of what is being decided now in Washington concerning our health care benefits. Saving a billion dollars over the next 10 years, while cutting millions out of the health system is not a wise economy. Let's keep an eye on the Senate. Let's fix, but not slash, our health care system.

– Alice Rynear, Taos