Ode to Taos

Frank Trujillo expresses his love for this area in song


There is probably no better way to express your love of a place than the joy of writing a song about it. To have that song well received by the people who live there is icing on the cake.

That’s what has been happening since Frank “Olds-Cool” Trujillo released “Soy Taoseño,” a self-recorded jaunty ranchera.

“It describes life of Taoseños growing up in our beautiful town and [I] was hoping to promote it to as many Taoseños as possible. I’m having a good response on social media from many Taoseños and have radio interviews forthcoming,” Trujillo said.

He said he is especially gratified by the response the song has been given from local people who have moved away. He said it touches their hearts with a sense of longing and sentimentality. According to Trujillo, they can “relate to its overall theme, which highlights the love of growing up in the Taos area.”

Trujillo said he has created a “picture-slide presentation for YouTube, which I feel is going continue to promote the uniqueness of being from the Taos area.”

Although he lives in Albuquerque, Trujillo said he comes back home to Taos often. It’s where he grew up, and he still maintains many connections to this region. In fact, he said it was during the long drives between Taos and Albuquerque that the idea came to him. Once he got home, he told his wife he was going to write a new song.

“I’ll tell you what, man, it’s the easiest song that has ever come to me as a musician,” Trujillo said. “I’ve been playing music for many years. It just came to me from deep down in my heart.”

He said the song has gotten some decent airplay from stations in the state. Locally, he said it has been played on KXMT-FM 99.1 “Radio Exitos.” He said he is working on a cassette tape release, which will be available in local stores. In the meantime, you can hear “Soy Taoseño” on YouTube at