One-woman dynamo

Tiffany Christopher can rock your socks off all by herself


One of the most intriguing, exhilarating and full-of-life musicians that has passed this way in quite a while returns to the Adobe Bar at the Taos Inn today (April 6) starting at 6:30 p.m.

Her name is Tiffany Christopher and she is much more than a one-woman show; she’s a one-woman band.

Join Christopher as she performs from her extensive catalog of original tunes, covers and mashups while accompanying herself on guitar, bass, ukulele, kick drum, high hat and keyboard. It promises to be a night packed with energy, raw emotion — not to mention great music.

For the last decade, Christopher has been entertaining audiences throughout the Midwest and West with her signature eclectic mix of rock, pop, country and blues performed with soaring vocals, compelling guitar riffs and solid percussion. Her reputation as an accomplished singer-songwriter has landed her gigs opening for such trending musicians as the Indigo Girls, Ani DiFranco, Ray LaMontagne, Regina Spektor, Martin Sexton and Michael Franti and Spearhead.

According to her bio, Christopher grew up on a horse ranch in Galina, Illinois, where her father’s love of country music became her earliest inspiration to begin writing songs on her guitar. She fronted a jazz band in middle school, played drums during her high school years and sang in choir until after graduation, when she went on to earn a degree from the School for Music Vocations in Creston, Iowa. The vocational training opened her up to the technical nuts and bolts of the music industry while bolstering her performance skills. After college, she both fronted a rock band that was frequently on the road touring and played with several jazz bands throughout the Midwest.

It wasn’t until her move to Las Cruces, New Mexico, that her solo performance evolved to where it is today. “I moved to Southern New Mexico and didn’t know anyone who played music, so I started being my own backup band and it has grown into a very fun show,” Christopher said. She also discovered the loop pedal, which creates complex rhythms and harmonies from layers of simpler parts. “Being able to build arrangements onstage, on the fly and in real time started making my solo show stronger and stronger and giving me a much bigger sound.”

That is why, as you approach the Adobe Bar, you will be truly surprised to find that the finely calibrated, yet sprawling music filling the room is magic made by Christopher alone.

Now settled in Denver, Christopher still maintains a frantic touring schedule. Along with tonight’s gig at the Adobe Bar in Taos, the tour covers a multitude of venues in other New Mexican locations, as well as throughout Colorado and Arizona. She is also promoting her third and most critically acclaimed album, “Tremendous Heart,” released in late 2016. The tour de force is both introspective and universal, a collection of the seductive, the soulful, the moody, the edgy, the world conscious.

Accompanied by Kenny Passarelli (electric bass), Dean Oldencott (drums) and guest performers Bridget Law from Elephant Revival (fiddle), Philip Parker (cello), John Macy (pedal, steel guitar) and Kalin Capra (upright bass, banjo), Christopher has woven stories inspired by her travels along the Camino de Santiago in Spain and along the United States-Mexico borderlands.

“It’s called ‘Tremendous Heart’ for a reason,” Christopher said. “These songs are very close to me. There’s a lot of integrity and intention on this record. The songs are about the human experience and how we are all flailing around out here, but then, just as simply, there are songs about love and nature. It’s different ways to express our life experience and capture the beauty of human nature sonically.”

If this intense touring schedule isn’t enough, Christopher will also be performing with her full band, The Hunting Party, and striving to take her music to even higher levels, while holding true to what inspires her. “It’s about having fun onstage and letting go and being really raw,” she says. “I hope that inspires other people to be more true in their careers and their lives. Showing up and being vulnerable is a tough thing for all of us, and when you witness someone doing that either in their art or in the world, it inspires us to shine bright and be vulnerable – because someone else is next to us doing the same.”

Christopher has also recently collaborated with her friend, music industry mogul David Schwartz, to establish Foxstone Music Publishing. In addition to supporting her own songwriting efforts, the duo found themselves captivated by the sheer volume of original written material that was worth giving a home to should Christopher decide to record those songs herself.

“I’m such a supporter of music and songwriting, and it’s not always necessarily that I support the bands, but I love the song,” she said. “It might be coming from a place where in a million years it would probably never get the opportunity to be presented to the masses, but the company is a vehicle for me to try to make that happen.”

The musician also teaches workshops designed for touring solo performers, instructing them in the multi-instrument dynamics of looping.

The Adobe Bar at the Taos Inn is located at 125 Paseo del Pueblo Norte. There is no cover charge and the venue is family friendly. For more information, call (575) 758-2233.