Opinion – A wife’s view: critics put personal power before unity


Here we are in the last leg of the town’s mayoral election. I love this community. I know my husband Dan loves it just as much. I have watched him his last four years as mayor. He loves to bring people together in a positive environment. This includes his family. 

He puts his heart into everything he does, only to have some stomp on it with their anger and hatred, never intending to tell him why they are angry. They are only determined to continue their display of unbridled hatred. I wonder, do they even know why they are acting out the way they do? I have asked some who have been roped into this act. They don’t really even know Dan. They know only the tainted picture others have painted of him.

There are two types of people in this world: leaders and followers. Or as quoted by a friend, “There are those that live and life happens to them and those that make life happen.” I know the sincerity of my husband. I love and respect who he is and what he does. If people would take their blinders off, they would see it too. He is such a big part of this community. He is everywhere, supporting every good thing in our town, promoting and encouraging those that are trying to make our town better.

He doesn’t do it because there is an election. He does it because it is part of who he is.

Aristotle once said, “You are what you repeatedly do; therefore, excellence ought to be a habit not an act.”

Dan teaches his family to respect and serve others. He teaches this by example.

He takes what is given and makes it better. He is not perfect. He is as the rest of us, and we all make mistakes. But Christ invited those who are without fault (sin) to throw the first stone. So I guess there are those that think they are without fault.

The stones from the same few are continually thrown to try to discredit the integrity of Dan Barrone. They are not looking to resolve an issue but are determined to show their power by trying to prove they will destroy him at any cost. I find this very flattering that they find him so intriguing and worth spending their lives stalking him and trying to destroy him.

Samson was an amazing man in the Bible that got in the way of evil. Those wanting the power knew they needed to get rid of him. He made one mistake in trusting the wrong people. I am thankful the people of this community are wiser and stronger than what some hoped they would be. In all reality it is all about working together for a good cause and not creating tension for your own personal gain. Unity is strength. Division is weakness.

Della Barrone wife of Mayor Dan Barrone