Letter to the Editor

Opinion: Like every other town in America?


In his "My Turn" opinion piece in The Taos News of June 29 Taos Mayor Dan Barrone decries the stagnant economy of our fair town. Is it possible that this may be because Taos is steadily becoming to look more like almost every other town in America?

– Robert M. Fitch, Upper Las Colonias


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D Smith

No, Taos isn't like "every other town". It's like every other liberal-controlled town. The third world motif you've got going on, the beggars on the street and in parking lots that berate you when you fail to acknowledge them and give them money, the unchecked violence, the ever ongoing protests by nitwits with signs, the pothole filled streets....all while the mayor, council and citizens pound their chests and talk about how inclusive they are.....THOSE are the things that are keeping tourists away.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017 | Report this