Opinion: Look away, the Emperor has no clothes and it is ugly


As Trump proudly boasts to the world that he is God’s answer to all its problems, the reality is that he is nothing but an empty-headed blowhard whose intentions are always self-motivated and whose actions are based on equal amounts of egotism, hubris and ignorance of history, decency and American values.

He is embarrassing our nation, undermining its principles and destroying the world that our “greatest generation” fought for in the hopes of creating a world of peace and justice.

As Twit-in-Chief, he spouts hatred and invective toward victims and allies while heaping praise on scoundrels and tyrants. He equates the fight for social and economic justice with the fight for white racial superiority.

He ignores the victims of incessant gun violence while cheerleading for the National Rifle Association. He makes up debasing little names for his opponents instead of debating the issues.

He cozies up to Russia’s dictator who has proven time and again that he is not to be trusted militarily or diplomatically. He makes nice with communist China even though they continue to deny their people political freedom.

He supports Philippines’ strongman killing people without proper judicial proceedings. He sells weapons to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in its war against rebels in another country.

He applauds the tyrant of Pyongyang as a man of goodwill while millions in that nation are imprisoned, tortured and starved. He does all this and more while insulting and threatening our allies around the world and building a virtual “wall of hatred” around us.

Mostly, however, our “dear leader” blames others, lies continuously, and disregards rules of decency in both public and private life. He favors doing away with freedom of the press as he uses the same media to spew poisonous remarks to discredit the press and democratic ideals.

As chief executive, he appoints sycophants whose sole purpose is to serve their demigod and not necessarily the Constitution. They flaunt their abuses of power and attack anyone who disagrees with their idol.

To name a few:

—Environmental Protection Agency boss Scott Pruitt, the poster boy for spoiled, arrogant ignorance.

—Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who never me t a public school she didn’t want to destroy and who never met a private Christian school or for-profit rip-off institution she did not support.

—John Bolton, the Dr. Strangelove of the crowd who wants to kill everybody who does not like or agree with the United States.

And let’s not forget the Attorney General. Like the little engine that could, he is the little racist and sexist who could.

He is chiefly responsible for separating children from their immigrant families.

Finally, we have Vice President (Mike) Pence, who while acting as the chief sycophant, is laying his own plans to take the presidency even further out of control.

As in the short tale, “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” Trump’s followers and those who serve his dubious purposes are either too stupid, too embarrassed or too invested to admit that their leader is terribly flawed and that it might be time for a new one: someone who is not dangerous, incompetent and hateful.

Al Spungen lives in Arroyo Seco, New Mexico.