Opinion: Now that we have your attention


It’s not really about sex, it’s about power. Power (Dictionary.com): “The capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.” Now that a power dynamic so prevalent in our societies for millennia is being exposed as the disgusting injustice that it is, and powerful heads are rolling, how do we further the conversation beyond sex into one regarding the very nature of our troubled species and the balancing of our planetary systems? While we have your attention, what more do we want to say? That the soul of the world can no longer sustain the abusive power dynamic between the masculine and the feminine? That forcing the feminine “with all of its balancing, wise, nurturing, life-giving, and life-supporting qualities” face down into the covers while our world is burning hurts everyone? That women not being sought out and invited to the table en masse, and employing their solutions to a world at war, is short-sighted and ignorant? That masturbating into a potted plant while we are forced to watch is the perfect metaphor for the feminine being forced to watch the mindless, addicted behavior of the unbalanced masculine dumping his insatiable greed upon our precious planet and her innocent creatures? I find myself amazed by this precious moment, when there is a chink in the armor, and I’m wondering how we might collectively keep it open. Only when the damaged underbelly is exposed can the healing take place. We are all complicit in the miasma of oppression plaguing our global society. What can we demand, at this pivotal moment? What radical ideas might suddenly make sense? The news cycle will shift. People will tire of the allegations. The danger is that the serious subject of abuse of power will degenerate into prurient gossip, and the opportunity currently presenting itself will slip away. When a dam breaks, the waters it unleashes are powerful and destructive. What constructions that our society has built would we like to see washed clean away? How can we direct those waters for the benefit of society and the planet, before they evaporate and lose themselves in the ocean? Tara Lupo lives in El Prado.