Opinion: Prairie dogs versus private property rights


A June 22 one-sided article in The Taos News went on about prairie dog squatters rights on private property, suggesting that "some people," who have "no standing," should have a say. So far, "they" have not purchased these infested properties for dedication as a prairie dog sanctuary, so those "some people" can start rounding them up, on their own dime. No mention about PDs potential for carrying plague. I have no issue with PDs thriving on the prairie. Us ranchers and property owners have every right to secure our nurturings from invasive opportunists that don't honor fence lines. And keeping the Santa Fe la la landers from attempting to impose on our private property ownership and management rights.

PDs have a gestation of 15-18 days. They can have 6-10 in a litter that will be mature to breed in two months. Santa Fe la la landers got their city officials to ban extermination of PDs on city, and private property, requiring humane removal to one of their public PD sanctuaries, where they get fed SF Cuisine by the loonie inhabitants.

– Neal Thielke, Llano San Juan