My Turn

Opinion: Raise conciousness, change unhealthy world


We are ruled by psychopaths.

Insane! Difficult to fathom, true? You may have heard of an elite ruling class, known as the Illuminati, Cabal, or New World Order. They have had a designed world agenda for eons, manipulating our government and military for their own greed and purpose. Through mega-corporations they control our food, water, soil, health care, energy resources, monetary system, information, and most vital, the minds and spirit of humanity (our consciousness).

This hierarchical system no longer supports or protects the individual. We are slowly being depleted of nutrients, poisoned with chemicals, drugged, diseased, mind-controlled, and enslaved in a debt-state survival mode, with our rights being stripped from us.

I researched many topics connected to humanity’s current state, and the common thread is hidden and suppressed information. Dire information that would help earth and its inhabitants out of the crisis we are living today! Whether it was discovering our origins through ancient Sumerian texts, to genetic manipulation, or the use of chemicals (Agent Orange, Round-Up, Fluoride), to the “Revolving Door Syndrome,” or “Monsanto Seed Control” to Fracking, or “The Iron Triangle” to “Towers of Deception”. 

Or “The Paper Clip Project” to government cover up of alien technology “The Disclosure Project.” We have been duped! Our institutions are corrupt and our health care is killing us. We and our beautiful earth are slowly being annihilated.

One very disturbing statement that is difficult for me to write concerns children – 800,000 children are reported missing in the U.S. per year, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Globally the statistics are much higher. This is beyond alarming, it is scary! What is happening?

I discovered it is big business, children being trafficked into major pedophile rings for prostitution and satanic rituals. Many of which pass through adoption and child protection agencies. They are raped, tortured, murdered, and their bodies used for organ harvesting. If caught, the scandals are immediately covered up, charges dropped. Who are these people? Shockingly, they are world leaders, corporate owners, military, church officials, and even royalty. They operate in secret organizations. Child trafficking to feed the Illuminati is much more prevalent and wide spread than assumed. Hollywood is also rampant. Our world is very unhealthy. A sick, dysfunctional society, ruled by an elite demonic group. I know this may be hard to believe, do the research yourself.

Cathy O’Brien is a courageous whistleblower who tells her life story in “TRANCE Formation of America.” As a child, she was sold into the CIA’s top secret “MK-Ultra” mind-control program by her father. She was trained as a sex slave, abused, tortured, and used for U.S./foreign drug and weapon deals. 

What we need is a rise in consciousness to combat this evil system and it begins with the individual. Know, this is our time, our planet, our children. We-The-People have unalienable rights and are entitled to a free life with clean soil, food, and water.

Do you want to see your tax dollar spent on another staged “false-flag” incident leading to war? Innocent lives sacrificed for “their” profit. Would you respond in blind obedience to their beckoning call? Would you kill for money? The documentary “National Bird” is just one minor example of war that will make you weep.

I ask where is your allegiance, Government or Humanity, Money or our Planet? Where is your heart? The real war is not against terrorism or individual countries. It is a psych-war against the Cabal, who are controlling us physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I want to reach you, the reader. This is an opportunity, a challenge, to truly evolve. Do not allow fear to stop you from becoming greater than you are. We each have a part to play in the drama unfolding. Speak up. Embrace your power. Raise your consciousness. 

Recommended reading:

“War on Whistleblowers,” by Mark Passio

“The Truth about Water Exposed,” by Chris Maple

“Cowspiracy,” a documentary

Dr. Steven Greer- “The Disclosure Project”

Dr. Jacque Fresco- “The Venus Project”

Peter Joseph- “The Zeitgeist Movement”

Gannone is a Taos-area resident.