Opinion: Stumping for Barrone


This is what I know about Dan Barrone.

Dan is a man with vast experience, including owning his own business, He has a loving commitment to his family and has been married for 36 years .

He has served as Taos County commissioner, and while chairman, built the new County Courthouse, under budget and on time, and no one went to jail!

While at the County, Dan Barrone signed a resolution in support of the Taos sanctuary community. The town of Taos had a sanctuary in place and Dan ratified it when he became mayor.

• Dan is not afraid to make decisions supporting economic development, such as approving the Taos Mesa Brewery by the airport when he was county commissioner.

• Barrone always contributed and still is a community-minded citizen, supported the agricultural center extension and the youth Four-H club for the past 12 to 15 years.

• He is president of the Taos Tiger booster athletic club, coached little league and T -ball for five years, and was wrestling coach for 10 years.

• Dan has thinned the forests for 33 years, mitigating wildfires and enhancing our watersheds.

• He brought the North Central Regional Transit District blue bus to Taos and has been district chair for the past eight years, managing a $12 million budget.

• From the moment Dan Barrone took office as mayor, he started economic development, bringing sewer and water projects up to $4 million to the town of Taos.

• Regarding low-income housing, there is currently a contract in place for the purpose and now waiting to make sure tax credits are also in place. The site is a 5-acre parcel on Herdner Road at the corner of Gusdorf and Cruz Alta. The building of 60 units on each site is projected to start this summer.

• As mayor,  he has donated the Civic Plaza Center to UNM-Taos for much-needed education opportunities, such as the nursing program that trains  nurses and paramedics.

• There is now a contract with Art Space that funds and builds work-live-type affordable housing.

• There is money in the budget that was approved this fiscal year for the homeless men’s shelter.

• He has been involved in revitalizing the acequias for irrigating places, such as Kit Carson Park, and for citizens who want to irrigate their land. Last year two more acequias were revitalized in the downtown area, thanks to Dan Barrone.

• He knows the importance of collaboration with the county, Taos Ski Valley, Kit Carson Electric Cooperative,  Red River, etc. He collaborated with the county to get grants of up to $1 million to upgrade the youth center.

• He has been instrumental in bringing the movies on the green with a big-screen TV on Wednesdays in the summer at Kit Carson Park for all to enjoy.

• While in office, he has been instrumental in purchasing the parking lot north of Spotted Bear for more parking for the downtown area.

• The Taos fire department is the backup for all county fire departments. Fire chiefs across this county meet for Firewise community meetings as this year may be a very dry year.

Dan Barrone likes to find solutions to make our community better. He is very involved in neighbors helping neighbors.

Vote for Dan. He is our man.

Pennie Herrera Wardlow is a Taoseña