Opinion: Thanks to Taos County for immigration policy


I recently reread Taos County Resolution No. 2017-22 entitled "A Resolution of the Taos County Board of Commissioners Establishing Taos County as Recognizing the Civil Rights of Immigrants and Refugees," and was struck again, and more deeply than ever, with its care, thoroughness and all-around excellence in addressing the needs and concerns of a segment of Taos' population most in need, at present, of our collective regard, care and support.

The attorney-authors responsible for its preparation and presentation to the Commission for consideration deserve the highest praise for the wisdom and attention to detail that they poured into this document!

As I reflect upon the danger our community faces today, with powerful forces urging our citizens toward disunity and disruption in the national news media and airways, I want to express my deep appreciation to my neighbors, my community and the County Commission who embraced and enacted this Ordinance, thereby giving expression to the will of Taos County to stand together under any and all circumstances that may arise in the coming months and years.

– Susann McCarthy, On behalf of the Green Party of Taos County