Opinion: With hotel, compromise must meet integrity, history, culture


Recently a reporter quoted hotel developer Batra; "Either do a three-story or let's not do it at all." He did step close to that attempting to ease contention. There are issues which need to be addressed and resolved before any new hotels come Taos. However, Mr. Batra is to be commended for his desire to resolve the community adversity and step up to challenges.

Mayor Barrone in the Taos News wrote; "…now is the time to make responsible compromises to move our community forward." Compromise is a two-way street and the Mayor also needs to bring the Council back to the table with a willingness to be pro-active in that compromise. He invited everyone in Taos to contact their council members. Now is the time for all of us to affect a decision which will be with us for years to come.

The Town Council may want a way out of this political quagmire. Let us remember it is local citizens who vote administrations in and local citizens who can determine their fate in next years' elections. In the meantime, let us agree on a compromise solution which meets the integrity, history, and culture of Taos.

The Hotel High Rise has several possible outcomes now. Taoseños must become informed and actively affect a decision which will be with us for years to come. Be responsible for next round of consideration coming up mid-summer.

Kudos, to all those who have taken time and energy to get this far.

– Jeremy Landau, Ranchos de Taos