Peñasco Schools deal with threat


Parents and community members in Peñasco were alerted to a possible threat against the schools Tuesday (Feb. 27) after a post on social media sparked some parents to alert the school district's administration.

Superintendent Marvin MacAuley said the threat was first seen by someone from the community on social media and Taos County Sheriff's deputies were called to investigate. No post was seen by school officials.

According to MacAuley, the threat was determined to be "not credible" but the schools still felt it necessary to have deputies involved and around the campus during the day.

"What was concerning with this, is that people said they saw this post off campus and didn’t notify school officials until much later," said MacAuley. "It was parents calling in saying they heard there was a threat. There was a lot of heresay, but we take student safety very serious.”

With any sort of threat against students and the schools, MacAuley said the policy for Peñasco Schools is to notify law enforcement as soon as possible.

MacAuley said Tuesday's school day went well as a regular day with "nothing out of the ordinary" on campus. According to MacAuley, the alleged threat was made by a former employee of the schools. No arrests were made in the event.