Primary 2018: Taos County positions up for election

What they do and what they earn


Taos County Assessor

The county assessor is one of three elected positions (that also include the treasurer and clerk) that oversees an office of county employees. The assessor is responsible for determining the property values of homes, businesses, land and other properties. They do this so the treasurer’s office, which actually bills for and collects property taxes, knows how much to collect from each property owner.

Length of term: 4 years. Salary: $65,855. Number of employees: 23.

Taos County Commission

The five-member Taos County Board of Commissioners meets every two weeks, and sometimes more frequently, to vote on county policy, make budget decisions, approve contracts and pass resolutions that, on occasion, are more politically symbolic than actually impactful. Taos County Manager Leandro Cordova oversees all operations at the county and is the only employee that answers directly to the commission.

Length of term: 4 years. Salary: $26,257. Number of employees: 305 (all Taos County employees).

Taos County Magistrate Judges

The New Mexico Magistrate Court for Taos County is one of 54 such courts around the state in a judicial system that include 67 judges, according to the state court website. It’s a court of limited jurisdiction, handling DWI and DUI offenses, traffic violations, tort cases, contract disputes, landlord-tenant rights, misdemeanors and preliminary felony hearings.

Length of term: 4 years. Salary: $84,344. Number of employees: 4 (not including 2 judges).

Taos County Sheriff

The sheriff supervises a department that’s tasked with keeping the peace across an expansive county that stretches from the Colorado border to Pilar. According to the Taos County website, the sheriff is responsible for enforcing all state and county laws, apprehending and arresting criminals and lending a helping hand in managing certain events.

Length of term: 4 years. Salary: $68,654. Number of employees: 26