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Profile: Carmela Quinto


Title(s) and responsibilities: "Curator of Collections and Museum Coordinator at Millicent Rogers Museum. As curator, I am responsible for the complete care of the museum's collections including exhibition design and interpretation. The museum coordinator title refers to my managing the admissions department and daily operating procedures."

How many years in present occupation/business endeavor?

"I have worked at the Millicent Rogers Museum in various positions for 27 years. I have been the curator for 12 years."

What lessons have you learned in your career that have influenced the advice you would lend to women who want a career in your industry?

"In any industry, any woman and minority will need work harder than they think. There will be obstacles, but you continue to work hard. There will not be fairness, but you continue to work hard. You will have to prove yourself over and over, but you continue to work hard."

What do you think is the biggest issue for women in the workplace?

"I have been blessed to have the job that I do and work for a cultural institution that allows me to be my true self. I know that too often women choose to conform to something they are not in order to earn a living."

Who do you admire and why?

"I admire my mom the most, for being my inspiration to be a professional at work and a volunteer in my community. I learned how to juggle everything from her.

"The Guadalupañas from San Francisco de Asis Church are the most amazing women to me. They are humble, loving and caring women who selflessly give of their time to make other peoples lives a little more bearable. They don't get paid for their ministry — they just answer the call. I am continually amazed with their hard work and generosity, despite what they may be going through in their own lives."


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