Raices 2016

Heart and soul: 'Deep roots are not reached by the frost'


We all come from somewhere and while the cultures we were raised in may share similarities, no two are identical. But the Raíces (Roots) planted for us by our ancestors, immediate family and the role models who came before us, laid a foundation — a system of learning and rules of nurturing. From our raíces rise dance, music, art, food, clothing and language.

In Northern New Mexico, culture is upfront. Taos' mixture of roots reside in the hearts and souls of its striking, resourceful people.

This edition of Raíces delves into the sense of belonging to a culture and of understanding roots in a historical way through stories about the lowrider community, the Dawson migration, new findings and revelations about the Pot Creek area, family farming, Native drum groups and local Aztec dancers.

While some communities in other parts of the country seem to be in need of replanting their roots, our Raíces are as strong as ever. As author J.R.R. Tolkien once wrote, "Deep roots are not reached by the frost."