The Blessing Way

Reflections on peace in the season of Lent


The world has now entered into the special time of Lent, considered by many as a sacred season during which people take stock of their lives. They also seriously consider the ways in which our fellow humans are treated or mistreated and often seek and find the ways to make life better for everyone.

It is duly noted that a great many in the world do not have the time for these kinds of reflections and continue on the old, rutted roads of war, threats of war and gratuitous mayhem. They seem convinced that it is right and just to mistreat others under the rationalization that they are following the ordinances of their own gods or the laws of evolution as they play out in the governance and affairs of humanity. They seem to believe that it is an unfortunate necessity that some have to suffer for the general well-being of the rest.

Even now during this Lenten season, it is abundantly evident that this way of thinking and acting holds sway. It is the way of shooting first and asking questions later, of global skullduggery and manipulating the world into war and covert conflict. It is the way of making sure that the requisite daily quantity of blood is spilled and that the black smoke will continue to rise from the fires set upon the altar of the world.

Many protest stridently, "We do want peace, but sometimes it is necessary to use force and violence to attain it. Those people who we have to eliminate, unfortunately, are obstacles to the right peace that we want to achieve."

This way of self-serving rationalization has been with humankind since the beginning. But it is a way that is and has always been counter to the well-being of us all and always looms as an imminent threat against our survival and our very existence.

Almost everybody professes that they want peace all around the world and even in our Northern region. And many in this region seek and envision a peace that does not employ the hypocrisies and human sacrifice that the normal everyday political movers and shakers invoke so cynically all the time.

The peace that is envisioned is a transcendent state that presents as the highest achievable serenity and maturity of the human soul, heart and mind.

It has been said that the peoples of el nórte have lived for many centuries in harmony with the natural and the supernatural world, in a land which is considered special and sacred.

This region has often been referred to over the centuries as an exceptional part of the world, in part due to its particular history of thousands of years of spiritual traditions and expressions of the Spirit. That Spirit manifests itself in some of the famous and not-so-famous "sacred sites" that are located in this region, such as the Santuario de Chimayó to which many thousands of spiritual pilgrims will again come this Lent.

May the peace which surpasses all human understanding finally come to reign in the world as the summit and capstone of human evolution.

Que la Páz y la Gracia del Altísimo sigue aumentando a todo por la Cuaresma Santa.