Richard (Beau) de Boisvert Ives, 1944-2017


Richard (Beau) de Boisvert Ives passed away in Taos, NM on August 6, age 73 yrs. Third son of his late parents: Harrison M. and Ruth Ann (Boisvert) Ives of Perrysburg, Ohio. He is survived by his daughter Dune Ives Froyd of Seattle, WA. Brothers: Jerome Ives and spouse Jeanita Ives of Atenas, Costa Rica, Thomas Ives of Vilcabamba, Ecuador and Michael Ives and spouse Jill Ives of Tucson, AZ. You lived a great life Beau, you did it on your terms: blessing and being blessed on your physical journey here on our beautiful earth. Your passionate intent and actions remain sacred to your memory by all who knew you or met you! You will be warmly remembered by friends and family.

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