San Cristobal Fire Department celebrates grand opening


The community is invited Saturday (May 12) to the grand opening of the new San Cristobal Fire Department. Taos County began construction on the new station in August 2017. The building has three bays to house fire trucks and firefighting equipment.

The grand opening will run from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. at the fire station next to the community center, according to San Cristobal Fire Chief Eric Vom Dorp. The celebration will offer food, music and presentations.

During the grand opening ceremony federal, county and state officials will be present including officials from the U.S. Forest Service, State Fire Marshal Sammy Anaya, County Fire Marshal Mike Cordova, County Manager Leandro Cordova, Deputy County Manager Brent Jaramillo, county commissioners, former County Commissioner Larry Sanchez and former County Manager Steve Archuleta. County Commissioner Marcos Gallegos will be master of ceremonies.

Funding for the project included $500,000 from the state legislature through the efforts of Rep. Bobby Gonzales, and an additional $350,000 from Taos County, three grants from state forestry and a few private donations, according to Vom Dorp.

San Cristobal Fire Department has four trucks, including a fire engine, a type 3 attack truck, a type 6 brush truck, a 4-wheel drive vehicle for rough terrain and a 2,000-gallon tank truck. Truck donations came from different fire departments, such as La Lama fire station where the San Cristobal volunteer firefighters received training. Volunteers acquired training, protective gear, certification in safety, emergency medical services and operation of equipment training.

Members of the San Cristobal Fire Department are Chief Eric Vom Dorp, Capt. Pedro Cruz, Deputy Chief Joseph Godfrey, Julian De La Rosa, David Gilroy, J.R. Logan, Kate Inglis, emergency medical services, and Sasha Vom Dorp. The fire chief in La Lama is Reyes Gonzalez and deputy chief is Diego Vigil. The two departments are presently affiliated. Roy Blaz, retired fire chief from the Lama department, initiated the training sessions for San Cristobal volunteers six years ago. San Cristobal District extends from D.H. Lawrence Ranch Road to the bottom of Garrapata Canyon.

The San Cristobal Fire Department will be able to offer service in emergencies and as backup to other fire departments in Taos County.

The Spanish version of this story is here.