Seeking stories, photos of cottonwood, rodeo


Hey, Taoseños, we need your help.

We really need your photos, stories, drawings, songs and videos.

Two events are coming up that we think merit extra attention, and we’d like everyone around the Taos Valley to participate.

First, Taos will hold a special celebration to honor a senior. This one has provided shade and comfort to people visiting Taos Plaza for more than a century, estimates local arborist Ben Wright. We’re talking about the old cottonwood that leans just a bit too precariously in the historic Plaza. Town officials have become worried about the dangers posed by the venerable old tree and have decided, working with arborists and a town crew, to carefully take the cottonwood down. But first, they’ll hold a ceremony for the old tree on April 28 at 2 p.m. Town officials plan to plant some new trees near the old cottonwood. They want people to come with their stories, songs and poems.

We’d like to honor the cottonwood in The Taos News as well – in print and on our website. What is your favorite memory of hanging out under the tree? Did you secretly carve your initials somewhere on its bark? Do you have a family photo or some video you took that shows the cottonwood? Do you have stories from parents, grandparents, tíos y tías about the old tree? We’d love to have you share those with us. You can email photos, videos and stories by April 27 to editor@taosnews.com or to Editor, The Taos News, P.O. Box 3737, Taos, NM 87571. Please identify people in the photos and tell us who to credit for pictures and videos.

Similarly, we’d like to do a nice story, photo and video spread for the 50th anniversary of the Rodeo de Taos. This year’s rodeo is June 24-25.

We want to hear from contestants and fans who’ve grown up going to the event. Some of you who were barrel racing or calf roping as youngsters might have grandkids competing now. (Not that we want to make you feel old!) What was your funniest moment at the rodeo? Do you know anyone who got married at the rodeo grounds during the event? Are there any women out there who participated in the bull riding or steer wrestling events at the rodeo? What was one of the finest moments you remember from the rodeo? We want pictures of rodeo cowboys and cowgirls, queens, clowns, bulls, horses and people having fun watching the events.

Send your thoughts, stories, photos and videos to Arcenio Trujillo at sports@taosnews.com or call him at (575) 741-0830.

So dig through those old photo albums, shake the dust off those family heirloom boxes in the attic and talk to some of the ancianos who might have some great stories to tell about the old cottonwood and a great rodeo.

We would love to hear from you.