Stargazer, March 26-April 1

By Ken Bresee
Posted 3/25/20

The moon in Gemini early next week has wide-ranging and different implications for each sign. Read further to see what this moon means for you:

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Stargazer, March 26-April 1


ARIES - With Mars in stress to the moon on Thursday, you are still feeling anxious and impatient. You settle down by the weekend and can take a breath as you come down from a wild ride. By Sunday- Monday your Aries fire is fanned by the moon in airy Gemini, which supports communications and business opportunities.

TAURUS - Late Thursday-Friday places the moon in your sign which is grounding, yet you're still feeling scattered and unfocused with erratic Uranus cojoining the Taurus moon. Get out and take a walk and release pent-up stress. The moon/Venus connection this weekend (the planet of love) promises romance.

GEMINI - Sunday through Tuesday will push you into a hyperzone with the moon in your sign, Gemini. However, this works well with the sun now in fiery Aries. You are on the fast track, but it wanes by Wednesday. You'll likely stay productive through early next week, so take care of business.

CANCER - You're feeling less hassled by Friday/Saturday with the moon in your sign, Cancer. Spend more time with your mate and open up and share your true feelings and thoughts. Don't be passive aggressive! By late Tuesday into Wednesday, home projects and family issues dominate.

LEO - The Taurus moon Friday/Saturday bring passions to a head. This could heighten romantic interests but inclines you to be overreactive and argumentative, Leo. By the beginning of the week, you calm down and adopt a more introspective stance. The moon in Gemini Monday fans your Leo fire as you tie up loose ends.

VIRGO - Enjoy the earthy, stabilizing Taurus moon on Friday/Saturday which favors your sign, Virgo. You're feeling much calmer and better able to handle whatever comes your way, with three major planets in Capricorn triggering a grand Earth trine. You'll accomplish much this week, Virgo!

LIBRA - Saturn shifts into the air sign of Aquarius Saturday and complements your sign, Libra. This is significant and will assist you in making major decisions. With the moon in Gemini next Monday and Tuesday you are in the groove and able to negotiate major business deals, Libra. Use this time to resolve past issues with friends and colleagues as you are more articulate than usual.

SCORPIO - With the moon, Venus and Uranus in Taurus opposing your sign this weekend, Scorpio, you could act out and feel polarized. You could easily shift from fifth gear to neutral rather abruptly. With Saturn and Mars moving into unpredictable Aquarius Wednesday, this too can exaggerate your emotions so step back and weigh your words before speaking!

SAGITTARIUS - The weekend is relatively kick-back, but the Gemini moon Monday/Tuesday puts you in an indecisive mood as you weigh different options. Saturn and Mars in Aquarius Wednesday provides some impetuous and provides greater objectivity as you come up with a new, more innovative ideas.

CAPRICORN - Your life is beginning to calm down Capricorn, with Mars and Saturn moving out of your sign Wednesday. You have been assaulted with life responsibilities but begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The Taurus moon and Venus afford you more leisure time as we approach the weekend.

AQUARIUS - Mars/action and Saturn/ purpose move officially into your sign and bring new responsibilities into focus by next Monday/ Tuesday. The Gemini moon this weekend is uplifting, so take time out with friends, before you jump into a busy schedule next week. New ideas are percolating, Aquarius!

PISCES - This weekend is more grounded with the moon and Venus both in earthy amorous Taurus. Best to stay close to home and to spend quality time with family and friends - romance is high on your list so pay attention to your mate. The Gemini moon Monday is in stress to your sign Pisces and keeps you on your toes.


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