Stargazer: April 9-15

By Ken Bresee
Posted 4/10/20

What new twists and turns does your future hold?

Check out the latest prophecies for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces!

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Stargazer: April 9-15


ARIES – With Venus in Gemini, there is greater creativity. Use this home time to finish some of your many projects. The Sagittarius moon this weekend favors your sign and is enthusiastic and optimistic, but gives way to a busy and somewhat tedious work week come Monday with the Capricorn moon.

TAURUS – The Scorpio moon Thursday and Friday is heavy and a bit intense. Issues in personal relationships are likely to come to a head and demand your immediate attention. Mars and Saturn are in tension to your sign as well and keeping you on edge as you feel pushed in many directions.

GEMINI – With Venus now in your sign and in a happy trine to Mars and Saturn, you are back in motion despite the global situation. You are more chatty than usual Gemini but will face a major decision with the Sagittarius moon pushing you off the fence this weekend which will bring some peace of mind.

CANCER –The Scorpio moon Thursday and Friday, offers some introspection as you process deep emotional feelings. The practical moon in Capricorn early next week kick you into action, but you can easily overdo it, Cancer. Delegate and let others participate. You don’t need to do everything yourself.

LEO – You’re feeling challenged by others and need to negotiate and communicate, rather than letting your lion temper get the best of you. Saturn and Mars are both opposing your sign and keeping you on your toes. The Sagittarius moon this weekend helps to calm you down, Leo. Take a breath.

VIRGO – You’re easily agitated this weekend with the moon in Sagittarius, which squares your sign and can be stressful. Little things build into mountains as you obsess over little things, Get out into nature and ground your energy. Get out of your head, Virgo. You’re back on top by Monday/Tuesday.

LIBRA – With the moon in fiery Sagittarius this weekend, you’re feeling more adventurous than usual and need to get out in the world. Hiking and biking will help relieve the anxiety of these last few days. Early next week is busy with details that need to be tied up, with the Capricorn moon pushing you into action.

SCORPIO- Saturn and Mars are keeping you on your toes as you are feeling attacked by those closest to you. Try not to take everything so personally, and take some quiet time for yourself. You’ll be more relaxed by early next week.

SAGITTARIUS – With the moon in your sign this weekend, you’re ready for some fun. There’s lots of energy so get out and exercise. Romance is high on your list with Venus in your seventh house of partnerships. Be attentive to the needs of your mate.

CAPRICORN - There’s not much working in your favor Thursday/Friday, so don’t fight it, Capricorn. It’s OK to do nothing. By Monday the moon is in your sign as you resume your busy schedule. Pace yourself, as you tend to overdo. Try not to plan so much and to be more spontaneous.

AQUARIUS- The Scorpio moon Thursday/Friday is in tension to your sign as you are having trouble focusing on business and accomplishing little. You’re less stressed by the weekend and should take some time to work on new projects. Saturn is now in your sign and sparking innovative ideas.

PISCES – Thursday and Friday provide relief as you slip into a more relaxed and introspective place with the moon in deep, internal Scorpio, which favors your sign. Midweek pushes you back into your normal routine, with the moon moving into earthy, grounded Capricorn.


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