Stargazer: April 30 - May 6

By Ken Bresee
Posted 4/30/20

What wishes and worries wind toward your door?

Read the latest messages for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces!

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Stargazer: April 30 - May 6


ARIES - You have more energy than usual, Aries (even for you). Thursday and Friday with the Leo moon, which sparks you into action. The weekend seems tedious as you are beset with a pile of details, which you can no longer ignore. You're feeling cornered by early week as you are faced with a major decision. Don't vacillate!

TAURUS - Thursday/Friday pushes you past your normal limits, with the Leo moon in stress to your sign. However, this tension can bring about accomplishment, as you feel anxious about following through. The weekend is more relaxing and will help you to recoup as you're back in the flow early next week.

GEMINI - You're sure fired up, Gemini. The Leo moon Thursday/Friday might put too much on your plate, as you catch up from last week. The weekend can put you in a funk as you attempt to tie up loose ends. Early week can bring business deals to fruition if you play your cards right.

CANCER - You might feel distracted Thursday/Friday with the fiery Leo moon bringing in unexpected social encounters. Surrender, as you won't be back on track until the weekend. In fact, you're in good spirits this weekend which is conducive to family activities, so let go and take time to be with those you love.

LEO - The moon in your sign Thursday/Friday helps to dispel some of the heaviness of this Saturn/Mars period, which has been opposing you and challenging your every move. You stay busy through the weekend and begin to loosen up by early next week, which proves to be less intense.

VIRGO - You should find this coming weekend enjoyable with the emotionally supportive moon in your sign, Virgo, which provides a sense of order and well-being. The Uranus/Sun/Mercury placement in Taurus furthers your goals, allowing your plans to come together. By early next week you recede into a more subdued and introspective place.

LIBRA - With the lunar energy in Leo, Thursday/Friday, you are fully engaged and staying busy with friends and business associates. The Venus Gemini Connection this weekend is romantic, though you could prove to be too starry-eyed. Pay attention and don't project. Tuesday/Wednesday brings the moon into your sign, which induces a spirit of fun and ease.

SCORPIO - This weekend is perfect for catching up with home projects with the practical Virgo moon, which favors your sign and assists you in tying up many details. The moon shifts into your sign by next Wednesday as you adopt a more reclusive state of being.

SAGITTARIUS - You likely are on fire Thursday/Friday with the Leo moon pumping you up. You are itching to get away and may find a quick escape in order, Sagittarius. You better take off soon as family responsibilities could weigh you down this weekend. Monday-Wednesday take off without a hitch.

CAPRICORN - You're back in high gear this weekend, Capricorn, so take a break. The Virgo moon and Sun/Mercury/Uranus connection keep you racing up that mountain toward new successes. Kick back and breathe! You're on top.

AQUARIUS - You continue to feel tugged at, especially with the Leo moon opposing to Mars and Uranus and your sun sign in Aquarius, Thursday/Friday. The secret is to not overreact as you can stir up the pot and create unnecessary problems. Sunday and throughout the new week brings some calm to your stormy shores.

PISCES - Your creative passion, Pisces, is likely to be disturbed by pressing details which you've been putting off as we move into the weekend. Get things done and there will be plenty of time to play as we approach midweek with the Scorpio moon, which favors your sign and induces more internal time.


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