Stargazer: April 23-29

By Ken Bresee
Posted 4/23/20

What marvels and perils lurk around the next bend?

Read the latest prophecies for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces!

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Stargazer: April 23-29


ARIES - With Mercury still in your sign, it could be difficult to quell your busy head, which is moving in many directions. The Taurus new moon Thursday supports a more subdued and relaxed mood. The Gemini moon this weekend prompts some social connection, however limited by world events.

TAURUS - The new moon Thursday is in your sign and is an auspicious time to plant new seeds of intention. The mentally busy Gemini moon this weekend will bring up financial concerns which will be resolved by midweek. The moon's shift into Cancer Wednesday is less frenetic and favors your sign, Taurus.

GEMINI - You're likely feeling sluggish until Sunday when the moon enters your sign, co-joining Venus (the planet of love). This will heighten romantic interests and has you feeling a bit wound-up, Gemini. Things slow down and you're feeling much less animated but more focused by midweek.

CANCER -The Taurus new moon Thursday cojoins Uranus and the sun, which amplifies business interests in a good way, yet can leave you feeling overwhelmed with business and family responsibilities. The Gemini moon this weekend helps to lighten things up, and next week will prove to be less stressful.

LEO - Thursday's new moon is in tension to your sign, Leo, which will provide the impetuous and motivation to get things done. The weekend favors (limited) social activity through Monday. Take the time to catch up with those closest to you. You could be distracted early next week, as you pull loose ends together.

VIRGO - With the Taurus new moon cojoining Uranus Thursday, you are on top of the world as important business come to fruition. Be inventive and take a chance on so new business ventures as this new moon favors new ideas. Trust your gut, Virgo! Early week has you ensconced in paperwork and details.

LIBRA - The Taurus new moon demands patience and a steadfast attitude, Don't ignore what is right in front of you. There's a greater flow Sunday and Monday with the chatty Gemini moon favoring your sign, Libra, and allowing you to feeling more decisive by next week. It's best not to procrastinate, as the new moon nurtures new ideas.

SCORPIO - The added intensity of the new moon in Taurus Thursday cojoins Uranus and greatly exaggerates your emotions, Scorpio. Your passions are running high and could incline impulsive actions, and or a passionate exchange with someone. The weekend is less intense as you regain composure.

SAGITTARIUS -The Taurus new moon Thursday is grounding and likely to slow you down. By the weekend through Monday, you are back in the swing of things as the Gemini moon fans the flames of your fiery nature. Tuesday and Wednesday invoke emotional issues which keep you preoccupied.

CAPRICORN - With the new moon Thursday in Taurus, you are being energized and fueled with new ideas which will take root. This has been a busy year, Capricorn, but finally there is a sense of a payoff for all of your hard work. The weekend provides some time to catch your breath before you enter into a busy new week.

AQUARIUS - The new moon in Taurus Thursday is about new ideas and new beginnings, Aquarius. You're likely to spark an argument, so best to avoid confrontation. By late Sunday/Monday you are in a better position to negotiate your needs.

PISCES - The Thursday new moon in Taurus works well with your sign, Pisces. By the weekend you could be feel hypersensitive, so try not to take everything so personally as the Gemini moon squares you and leaves you feeling picked on. Tuesday/Wednesday are upbeat as the watery Cancer moon complements you.


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