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Steps to creating what you want


The steps below are based on training I have received from Robert and Rosalind Fritz regarding "Technologies of Creating" and "Structural Thinking."

These steps of creating what you want are simple yet challenging. The process of completing the steps will give you insights of meaning and purpose related to your core values and how they guide your personal and professional life. With each step, I'll give you examples from my own life. Here are the steps:

Clarify and specify what you want to create:

Start by pondering about your aspirations, dynamic urges (those internal, gut and soul inspired needs) and known wants in your life and work. What you choose can be something simple and small, large and complex or anything in between. Write and draw, in detail, what you want, not what you don't want. Take adequate time. This is your first and most important step.

In 1990, I was living in the New York City area, and I wanted to move to the Southwest.

It was a dream since childhood. I wanted to live, work and retire there. Mountains, fishing, tennis, landscaping and exploring the land were included in my wants. I also wanted to continue my professional work in organizational support and development.

Identify your current reality as related to what you want to create: Using your description of what you want to create, list things in your current life and work that directly relate to your desired end results.

I had traveled to and explored Colorado and New Mexico a number of times. I had a friend who was about to move to Santa Fe. A family I knew in the past had already moved to the Cochiti area, and I talked with my friend and the family often.

I opened a savings account specifically for the move. Any purchases I was making (furniture, vehicles or miscellaneous items) had to fit and work in the Southwest. I had specific books, maps and music that related to my future home.

Identify specific steps and deadlines to get what you want:

Create a list and timeline of all the resources you have and tasks to be accomplished to achieve your desired end results.

My tasks included leaving a job, finding a job and home, arranging for moving belongings, packing and hundreds of little details. This became a 10-year plan.

Why these three steps:

These steps encourage clarity and creates a structure of being intentional and proactive. It is important to work with each step in order and to be absolutely clear, complete and specific about what is to be created.

We often jump to doing things to complete the project, task or event before we are clear about what we are doing. And, often we fail to consider the resources, experience and skills (current reality) we already have that are related to what we want. This process keeps the horse before the cart and decreases duplication of effort, plus saves time and money.

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