Success Story: Mattress Mary: A unique way of doing business


For Mary Domito, success breeds success — but only if you grab the opportunity when it comes along.

First it was the chance she took 12 years ago, opening a mattress store in Taos and launching the “Mattress Mary” brand. Her business grew into a full-service home furnishings store, took on the name Taos Lifestyle Sleep Sanctuary, moved twice before finally settling into an expansive space in the Albertson’s Shopping Center.

However, as an inveterate entrepreneur, Mary couldn’t sit still. So, in 2015, she and her husband Mark Gould looked to the north and opened up a second store in Alamosa, Colorado. Known as Alamosa Home, the new store has taken hold from its Main Street location in the historic Masonic Building.

“It is a different market yet it’s similar to the Taos market,” Mary said. “It has a small core hub of about 8,000 with a large regional market of about 48,000 people. Like my Taos’ market that extends from Abiquiú to Cimarrón, southern Colorado to Española, the Alamosa market is a hub for the San Luis Valley.”

Opening a store in Alamosa was a “tangible sign” of the stability of this region by reinforcing Mary’s belief in the future of the Taos and surrounding markets, she said.

After a solid first year of business in Alamosa, Mary’s entrepreneurial spirit arose again. This time, she turned her eyes to the south — to Santa Fe. As fortune would have it, she also found a partner.

“Sharon Scott had been my Serta rep for seven years,” Mary said. “I’ve long had a desire to partner with her. When she and Serta parted company, I saw the opportunity to make that happen, to go into business with someone who had a phenomenal skill set that totally complements mine.”

So, the idea of Sleep+Dream was born: “Sleep is what we’re all about, and we dream during the deepest time, the REM cycle. That’s the best time to sleep, so the name fit perfectly.”

Noting a void in Santa Fe for luxury sleep stores, Mary and Sharon focused their plans on developing a luxury mattress “concept” store, taking cues from some of the leading retailers in the country to create a unique, strong brand with emphasis on the customer experience and the best mattresses in the world.

“For Sleep+Dream, we wanted to create a new way of doing business,” said Mary. “We want to differentiate ourselves from all the others, to own the luxury category in Santa Fe and deliver the type of luxury customer service for all that is expected at this level of retail.”

As for a location, Mary has long been attracted to the Trader Joe’s shopping center: It’s a busy, destination shopping area with an upper-end demographic that would match the anticipated Sleep+Dream customer profile. With longtime Leishman’s furnishing store going out of business, a location in the Trader Joe’s center would be perfect.

After touring other luxury mattress stores in Beverly Hills, Scottsdale and San Juan Capistrano, Mary and Sharon selected luxury British company Vispring Bed to anchor their collection at Sleep+Dream — and have their eye on another major luxury manufacturer.

“Vispring Bed products have been handmade since 1901,” said Mary.

While Vispring carries high-end price tags, Mary and Sharon wanted to have exclusive mid-range products that would appeal to a broad range of customers. They chose Posh+Lavish, a high-quality, luxury mattress brand out of California.

Once the store opens in October, Sharon Scott will be the store manager. Mary will continue to oversee operations at all stores, but her heart remains firmly in Taos where all this began.

“Taos allowed me to start something that got me to where I am today,” Mary said. “I will be forever grateful to the people of Taos for their support, as evidence by the fact we won Best of Taos for 12 years straight.”

And in keeping with Mattress Mary’s devotion to her hometown, Dog Days VII is set to go Aug. 13 at the KTAOS Solar Center. The annual fundraiser for Stray Hearts Animal Shelter will feature community favorite Citizen Dan, an 11-piece Steely Dan tribute band, who will open for legendary rock band Firefall.

Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 when the doors open at 3 p.m. For tickets and information, go to

Mattress Mary’s Taos Lifestyle

710-C Paseo del Pueblo Sur

(575) 758-5885

Alamosa Home

630 Main St • Alamosa, CO

(719) 589-2030

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