Success Story: Wanda Lucero, Insurance Agent: Helping others through business


For Wanda Lucero, there’s no separation among her life, her business and

her community. 

“I feel blessed that my occupation is my avocation,” said Lucero, who has won Best of Taos insurance agent for the past seven years. “I love what I do because I get to help others.”

Lucero said she was born with a core belief to fight for the underdog and to fill her life with the things that were important to her. That belief comes from her parents, who were a great influence in her life. Her father built his own contracting business, and would have worked seven days a week in support of his family were it not for his religion.

At the same time her mother worked tirelessly supporting and taking care of the family at home, from baking bread from scratch to making their own clothes.

“We were brought up Seventh Day Adventists, meaning from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday, you didn’t work, watch television or entertain,” she said. “It was forced time off for my father. Watching my father’s commitment to both work and religion had a strong effect on me.”

“My Mother instilled a tremendous work ethic in me. From her work as a caregiver when we were young to her brave support of four children as a single mother during my teenage years, she was always there.”

Time off has been a challenge for Lucero, who devoted most of her time and energy to developing a successful business.

“I was focused, deliberate and driven,” she said. “There was no downtime.”

Along the way, however, Lucero has found that time off for family, community and self make her a better insurance agent. It took a speaker at a financial advisor conference to convince her that “feeding my mind, body and soul” made her a better businesswoman.

“For instance, I learned that answering email from my home or car is not ‘time off,’” she said. “It counts as business and doesn’t count as rest. To be the best you can be, you have to take time off for yourself and your family.”

What’s important to Lucero is helping others either through her business, her community service and her personal connections with people. And where it starts is by first taking care of herself.

Every morning, Lucero begins with her “daily practice” that includes a glass of warm water with lemon, some quiet reading and focused meditation. She expresses gratitude for her life and reviews her goals for the day. That daily attention to her own self gets each day up and running in the right direction.

“If I feel good about myself, then I can do my best to help people,” she said, noting that surviving a serious illness instilled a sense of living life to its fullest. “My daily practice is critical to what I want to do for my team at the office, my clients and my community. The team in my office is superb, and they make things much easier.”

“My team is at the core of everything I do,” she said, noting they allow her the freedom to be so involved in community and family and the support and professionalism to consistently deliver superior service.

Running an insurance agency is all about giving people peace of mind by gaining their trust and confidence. Lucero asks the “what if” questions that may be tough to hear, but are essential to safeguarding a person’s future.

“We help plan for any expectation, be it positive or negative,” she said. “Through our extensive suite of insurance and financial services, we are here to make life go right.”

Curiosity has been key to her success, and Lucero particularly enjoys listening to clients as they tell their stories, aspirations, fears and hopes. That way she finds out who they are and what motivates them in life — all factors that go into determining what insurance plans will work for each individual person.

“I find out their purpose and intent in how they want to live their lives,” said Lucero. “What brings them happiness and satisfaction, their experiences with family and friends, their hopes and dreams — all of these combine for me to provide them with coverage that ensures a lasting legacy.”

And she points to support she gets from her partner, Jim Armijo, and her family Soli Quintana, Xavier Quintana and Ana-Alycia Quintana. Community and family are always at the heart of everything Wanda does.

Wanda Lucero Insurance Agency

211 Kit Carson Road


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