Success Story: Wayne Rutherford General Contractor, Inc. Over 40 years of craftsmanship and project management


Award-winning builder Wayne Rutherford has been creating timeless home and business environments for over 40 years. His responsive design, traditional and contemporary craftsmanship, attention to detail, and project management are well regarded throughout Northern New Mexico.

To survive in the construction business for nearly four decades in Taos takes plenty of resourcefulness. Whether it is new construction and additions, historic building preservation, renovations and remodels, commercial or residential, or project management and consulting, the work of Wayne Rutherford General Contractor Incorporated’s suite of services and its resourceful approach can be found across Taos County and Northern New Mexico.

More than 40 years of on-the-ground experience includes building a staff, crew and subcontractor base with decades of experience in Northern New Mexico on private and public projects, leading to a reputation for exceptional service and quality.

Projects throughout the area with the mark of the Rutherford team’s talents include: St. James Episcopal Church, Holy Cross Medical Arts Plaza, Taos Clinic for Children and Youth, the south People’s Bank, Medley Restaurant, Taos Charter School, projects for Taos Municipal Schools and Questa Independent Schools, two Dialysis Cllinics, Vista Taos Renewal Center, Taos County Public Housing, Indian Health Service, Milagro at Los Luceros, renovations at Kit Carson Home and Museum, and numerous private residences in Taos, Taos Canyon, Red River, Arroyo Hondo and Angel Fire.

Currently, Rutherford’s crew is working on a “local component” contract at The Blake hotel project in Taos Ski Valley. Since March, they have hung more than 300 windows and 100 doors and put up over two miles of exterior trim and two acres of siding.

In addition to being selected by Taos voters as the winner of “Best Building Contractor” for multiple years, Rutherford’s decades of construction and consulting experience have also lead to his company’s receiving of multiple recognitions and awards for both dedication to craft and community at both the state and national level.

Projects receiving awards include St. James Episcopal Church, Chrysalis Alternative School, Milagros at Los Luceros and others, including multiple awards from the Associated General Contractors for renovations and expansions in “buildings under $2.5 million” category, as well as merit awards for the “under $5 million” category.

While his success in the commercial market is obvious, given his druthers, Rutherford likes remodeling old buildings in Taos: “What I do well is recycle buildings.”

It is here that the challenge of giving a vintage building a new look and function without compromising its integrity or style fully engages Rutherford. While the company builds limited new residences, it has designed and remodeled scores of them.

To Rutherford, each building has its own “embodied energy,” and the job is to repurpose the building without detracting from its origins.

“It’s critical to know the history of construction in Taos,” said Rutherford, who came to Taos in 1978 to study Northern New Mexico construction and alternative energy systems. “Knowing how a house was built, often when there wasn’t much wood and ceilings were low to hold the heat, how they built with adobe, what the land let them do — all those things are part of remodeling in Taos.”

What happens before any remodeling project begins is key to the overall success. Rutherford has a thriving consulting business that aims to anticipate the many issues in a remodeling project in advance of any work on site.

While not a substitute for the standard appraisal or home inspection, Rutherford’s preproject consulting services identify what a property offers, what it needs and what it would benefit from. These services help a buyer make practical and informed decisions about investing in real property in Northern New Mexico.

“We’ve seen time and again that questions that should be asked before actually placing an offer are delayed until the offer is on the table, or the sale has closed. In these cases, the buyer is often unpleasantly surprised by the actual costs,” he said. “The buyer is best served when supplied with the facts up front. My clients get 45 years of my experience in construction in a couple of hours.”

From there, a scope of work can be developed, and Rutherford can provide an estimate of costs. When it comes to the construction work itself, he is willing to work in tandem with property owners who want to do some of the work themselves.

Rutherford is a member and officer of many industry and business organizations, including Associated General Contractors of New Mexico, Builders Trust of New Mexico, and the New Mexico Home Builders Association. Rutherford keeps his finger on the pulse of the construction industry, technical developments and innovations, and consumer trends by being involved. These affiliations also provide him with a valuable network of contacts throughout New Mexico and the Southwest that allow him to maintain a client-and information-focused philosophy that has endured in the Taos market:

• Address the many challenges that inexperienced buyers have when purchasing older adobe structures,

• Keep a pulse on new construction techniques and emerging technologies to incorporate up to date building science and carefully considered construction practices,

• Design and build, not only for today’s needs, but also for future changes in the building’s use and technological advances, and,

• Use local craftsmen and professionals in Taos whenever possible.

When you think about your upcoming construction project needs,

“Build on our Experience. We do!”

Wayne Rutherford

General Contractor, Inc.

Taos, New Mexico


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