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Success Story: Wolfgang’s Spa Works

About the quality of your day-to-day life


According to the folks at Wolfgang’s Spa Works, an ideal world would always include a hot tub at home. Unfortunately, not all people can afford to pay for one straight up.

So, in 2017, the only full-service hot tub business in Northern New Mexico is giving more people a way to get into a hot tub without breaking the bank — a 0 percent APR for 60 months with equal monthly payments.

Once approved for the loan by Wells Fargo Bank, a customer of Wolfgang’s Spa Works can have a new hot tub installed and set up for as little as $60 a month, says co-owner Neil Collins, or about the cost of a single meal out on the town for two.

“We thought we were missing out on a significant portion of sales, so we started this in earnest this year,” he says. “Now you can finance a hot tub like you finance a car. If a hot tub is needed, we can make it happen.”

Offering no-interest financing to their customers is just one way that Neil and his father Wolfgang Collins have responded to trends in their industry.

At a national dealers convention in January, they found that many of their fellow dealers were offering similar loan programs to their customers. They also discovered a solution to a common problem for hot tub owners in the high desert — the sanitizer put in hot tub water tends to dry out skin.

“We saw a product called Silk Balance that is a water conditioner/softener that acts as a buffer between the sanitizer and a person’s skin,” says Neil. “Now, we offer it to all our new and former customers who experience dry skin.”

Another trend that Neil and Wolfgang have taken notice of is the mobility of hot tubs. More and more people who rent are buying a hot tub that they take with them as they move to different locations.

“Once people realize that all they need is a patio and a 110-volt outlet, the decision is easy to make,” Neil says. “It’s about the quality of the day-to-day life.”

Maintaining existing hot tubs like those has always been an important part of the work at Wolfgang’s Spa Works. At homes all around the Enchanted Circle, Wolfgang’s technicians check in on numerous hot tubs — monthly, biweekly and even weekly — to be sure water temperatures are correct, the mechanics are operating efficiently and the hot tub is clean.

Helping accomplish this task got a bit easier recently when manufacturer Hot Spring unveiled its security Connextion mobile app. The software in the app monitors the conditions of the hot tub and when something happens like the power goes out for a long period of time, notifies Wolfgang’s staff on an iPhone or tablet. From there, a technician can head out and handle the repair.

“It’s really a benefit for second-home owners who aren’t in the house but a short time of the year,” says Neil. “It’s a security service that we offer through Hot Springs, our major supplier.”

Speaking of technicians, Wolfgang and Neil pride themselves on hiring qualified Taoseños, keeping them trained in the latest hot tub technologies and retaining them over the long haul.

“We have employees that have been with us for a long time,” Neil says. “We pay them a decent wage and create a calm atmosphere in which to work. That pays dividends for us, our customers and our staff.”

All of these efforts at Wolfgang’s Spa Works aim to get more and more people into a hot tub so that they can find out for themselves the many benefits of soaking in a home spa every day.

“A hot tub makes you feel good every day,” Neil says. “It makes a huge difference in your quality of life and becomes an essential part of every day. Work is easier with a loose body and soaking in a hot tub takes us all away from the internet, away from our daily pressures and anxieties, and offers an opportunity to connect with your loved ones.”

“A hot tub forces us all to slow down and enjoy life,” he adds. “And, we have a place that encourages us to converse with each other face to face.”