Summer programs begin at equine sanctuary in Taos, volunteers needed


Summertime is rapidly approaching, and we are busy preparing for all the coming season's activities at Equine Spirit Sanctuary.

Therapeutic riding lessons will begin the first week of June. As always, we will try to accommodate as many people as possible. The number of riding lessons we can do is dependent upon funding to cover program costs, the number of volunteers as well as the weather and program horses.

Volunteer training for the therapeutic riding program will be Wednesday afternoons in May, starting at 1 p.m. No experience is necessary, only a desire to commit some of your time helping make other people's lives better. Lessons will be on Wednesdays also.

Equine Spirit Sanctuary also offers equine-assisted therapy, which is primarily groundwork with horses, but does include riding when appropriate for the client. We have several options available for persons of all ages and all interests interested in this hands-on horse program.

Most of the equines used in our programs - horses, miniature horses, a pony, and our family of five donkeys - were rescues or unwanted horses. Volunteers are needed to assist with cleanup and horse care as well as assisting with special events and the programs. You can help out in many ways and make a difference in the life of a horse or a child.

Respectful, gentle horse handling, care and training have always been the basis of what we do at the sanctuary. Education is an important part of that.

We will be hosting a clinic with veterinarian Tomas Teskey, June 2 and 3. This clinic is appropriate for all persons interested in horses, from the beginner to those who have owned horses for many years.

Teskey focuses on how horses are made, how they work and what we can do to help them stay healthy. Teskey teaches how to develop a partnership with horses, rather than ownership. He demonstrates what this feels like, what it looks like and why horse owners would consider having this perspective, which allows both horses and humans to shine with their best intentions and abilities.

He believes that when we respect the nature of the horses, humans and Earth, we get to enjoy the natural consequences of this respect, rather than suffering from the natural consequences of not respecting each other's nature. See our website or Facebook page for full details and to reserve your spot for this clinic.

Open days for visitors are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, call Ruth at Equine Spirit Sanctuary (575) 758-1212, or go to or