Taking sound to new levels


Sound engineer Neal Van Berg is adding a few new decibels to the infamous Taos Hum with his new retail space, Sound Science Audio and Home Theater. His shop is sure to change the way you experience movies and music.

Sound Science opened in March and has been bringing Taos some of the finest audio and video equipment for home sound systems thanks to Van Berg's knowledge of the industry. Everything from entry-level systems to sound mastery can be picked up at the store where Van Berg can pinpoint exactly what fits the customer best.

"I'm looking to provide people systems that make them happy," Van Berg said. "I try to find out what people's real goal is."

Personalizing a customer's sound or entertainment system is only a portion of the business at Sound Science ,which began some years ago in the garage at Van Berg's Colorado home. After moving to Taos, Van Berg said having a retail space was always on his mind.

Most business owners who open up shop have a passion and deep knowledge for the service they provide and Van Berg is no exception. His fascination with sound began in his teenage years with a small record player and the drive to explore.

After working in the audio retail industry, Van Berg earned a degree in audio engineering. Building off of prior knowledge and know-how of the retail end, Sound Science is a venue for Van Berg to move several products, including his own, to those looking to boost their audio experience in life.

"You just get lost in it," Van Berg said about audio experiences. "You feel like you're part of what's going on."

Home theaters and stereo expertise are a breeze for Van Berg while he continues to market a truly unique device of his own, the Music Vault. Along with improving the music listening experience, Van Berg can also help customers store the music without having to dig through thousands of crates or boxes of CDs.

Music Vault stores, rips, plays and enhances music from various sources and can even play movies with its built-in Blu-Ray player. The device is the brainchild of Van Berg and his former business partner. Music Vaults come in various models and are available online or at Sound Science.

For more information, contact Sound Science at (575) 224-3270.