Taos County teams overcome challenges, retain championships


A lot goes into the creation of a successful team.

Besides all the physical work and strength conditioning, a team is like a living thing that must be fed, coddled, rested and given space to grow.

From the start of a new sports season to the final play in the end, the formation, development and maintenance of a team requires hours and hours of supervision and preparation. Always, multiple coaches are required to directly facilitate this process, but often, so many other unknown variables come into play and a whole host of other things must happen for a team to garner a sports world "thumbs-up."

Luck, chemistry, talent, momentum, drive, fan support, facilities, weather, injury, grades, money, nutrition and a whole host of unforeseen challenges sometimes test a team's will. It's those teams that find ways to tamp down those patchy unknowns that seem like obstacles, and instead use them to fortify their mettle.

As a whole, athletic programs in Taos County had a great school 2017-18 school year. All five teams that achieved state champion status in 2016-17 repeated their respective feats and defended their crowns. Taos County improved that number this year by one, adding a sixth team to the list of "team champions." Two of those teams became five-time, three earned their second consecutive and one ended a four-year absence. And while there were many individual state champions, we're going to stick to the accomplishments of Taos County teams in the following recap.