Taos HS student detained after verbal threat


A Taos High School student was detained by police Monday (Feb. 26) at the school after allegedly making a threat to "shoot up the school," according to Taos Police Chief David Trujillo.

The student, a juvenile, was allegedly overheard by another student who made the report known to the school resource officer.

The student accused of making the threat was detained and questioned by police. Police released the student to their parents by authorization of the Juvenile Probation and Parole Department who ultimately has jurisdiction over minors.

"Our school resource officer did detain one student for a threat made out loud that was heard by another student," Trujillo said.

Parents were notified of the event around 3 p.m. Monday via an automated phone call that stated a shooting threat had been made against the school and that the school would operate on a regular schedule the next day.

According to Trujillo, there were no other witnesses besides the student who reported the incident to the school resource officer. An investigation of the event is ongoing.

This is a developing story.