Taos News sneak peek June 22-26, 2017


First up in the news, tragedy struck Northern New Mexico last Thursday as a lone gunman shot and killed three of his family members and two strangers that became caught up in one of the most violent incidents our region has seen in decades. We attended a candlelight vigil in La Madera, west of Taos, where three family members were among the five victims killed. We recap the incident, mapping out where they happened, and introduce some new pieces of information regarding the ongoing investigation into the incident. We also sat down with some grief counselors this week to talk about what resources those most affected by the shootings can turn to for healing in their time of grief.

In the courts, Micola “Mick” Sopyn, a former Mr. New Mexico bodybuilder, was sentenced to just over 13 years in prison last week in Eighth Judicial District Court for the 2014 murder of Amber Hava. We share a final breakdown of the trial and the incident that transpired nearly three years ago.

On the environment beat, we take a trip with two Taos County solid waste specialists who wear Kevlar vests and go prepared to deal with some pretty tough situations at illegal dump sites around the county.

And, the town of Taos council will vote on a permit for the first four-story hotel. Reporter Jesse Moya takes a deeper look at existing hotels around town, their history, challenges and future. 

In Tempo this week, our arts and entertainment Editor Rick Romancito devotes some column inches to the 50th anniversary of the Lama Foundation, which had some deep ripple effects in the lives of thousands of people over the years. Tempo freelancers also take us to Taos Plaza Live and a performance by Eliza Gilkyson at the Goddess Fest plus the Harwood Museum’s Bash at the Balke.

And in lifestyles, it’s time for the Great Outdoors. We find out more about burrowing owls and why they depend on prairie dogs. A related story by reporter Jesse Moya looks at a prairie dog colony that was buried to make way for an expanded charter school. Plus, Cindy Brown takes us on a hike to beautiful Fraser Mountain.

In sports this week, Arcenio Trujillo previews the Toast of Taos golf tournament and gives an update on the status of the Taos Swimming pool.

And in weather, it’s really hot – in case you hadn’t noticed. Expect temperatures to peak on Thursday at around 95 degrees, with a slight dip over the weekend into the mid-80s, with some thunderstorms forecast for Sunday and Monday.

And that’ll do it for this week’s preview. Make sure to like us on Facebook and Twitter and visit our website for breaking news updates. Other than that, enjoy the weekend, Taos.