Taos Pueblo Fitness Program returns to Native Vision camp

NativeVision philosophy aims to cultivate core strengths, values and positive relationships with American Indian youth


Members of the Taos Pueblo Fitness Program recently attended the 21st Annual NativeVision Sports & Life Skills Camp in White River, Arizona June 15-17. The camp provided Taos Pueblo youth an opportunity to play side-by-side with professional and collegiate athletes alongside other tribal youth from around the country.

The camp hosted approximately 500 youth from 25 tribes, professional athletes and tribal leaders. Participants were guided through sports clinics and life skills workshops while the community at large participated in parenting workshops, community feasts and tribal celebrations.

“The NativeVision Camp promotes and celebrates all that is healthy and positive in the lives of Native youth,” said program coordinator, Macrina Lefthand. “This was the fourth year Taos Pueblo Fitness Program has recruited and chaperoned students to the camp.”

Youth participants included Kyanna Brown, Elias Cruz, Michael Cruz, Justin Lucero, Isabella Pemberton, Miguel Pemberton, Ashlynn Vigil, Josh Waters, Sierra Waters and Mathias Winters.

Native Vision also has a year-round program that works with Native American children in multiple locations in Arizona and New Mexico, designed to improve youth physical fitness, nutrition and health; increase youth sense of connectedness to culture, community, and nature; increase youth self-efficacy and self-esteem about one’s future; and improve youth academic progress.

Founding partners for NativeVision include the John Hopkins Center for American Indian Health, the National Football Players Association (NFLPA) and the Nick Lowery Youth Foundation.

Location and dates for the next year’s NativeVision annual camp were not available as of press time.