Think about it, part two


In response to “Think About It, Taoseños,” I would like to say that I respect Dr. Ed Kollar’s right to express his opinion about the signage that is often seen along the main street here in town.

He may not agree with our local sign-maker’s point of view about the current government administrations, but he does have a right to voice that opinion. This is a right that we all must defend fiercely. If we as Americans do not defend our right to speak out for the principles that we believe in, our rights will be taken away from us.

Kollar states that “No other town in the USA greets outsiders and tourists with a barrage of signs showing hatred and bias toward others.”

I ask, how do you know? How do you know if the readers of these signs agree with the expressed views or not?

I have always admired the fact our local sign-maker has the guts to voice his opinions in an effort to effect a change. This man is a huge advocate for animals and a supporter of local nonprofit organizations. He is not someone who is trying to turn people away from Taos, or someone who is inherently hateful.

I have lived here for 41 years. Taos is a wonderful diverse mix of culture and this diversity makes Taos special. I disagree that Taos lacks the sense of community. Nothing is farther from the truth.

It’s called freedom of speech. We must use it or lose it!