On the scene

Thrill seekers

Who’d have thought careening down a snow-packed hill on a shovel would be so much fun?


Angel Fire Ski Resort hosted the 38th annual “World Championship Shovel Races” Friday and Saturday (Feb. 3-4). Racers donned their speed suits, tennis shoes and helmets to compete at the world’s premier destination for sliding down a snow-covered hill on a tool typically reserved for more mundane tasks.

Participants traveled from states as far as New York just for the annual event. Angel Fire is one of the only resorts in the world that still hosts the sport. Shovel racing has its roots at Angel Fire. It originated when resort liftees would race their shovels after the resort closed down for the day. The sport caught on and was once featured in the X Games, but was quickly discontinued due to safety concerns.

This Saturday, some competitors reached speeds of 65 miles per hour and the finish line saw its fair share of flying shovels. But that didn’t stop participants from having a good time luging down the hill.

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