Tips for a lifestyle of wellness: Do better, be better and feel better

Healthy fundraisers and healthy snacks


The human body is of immaculate design. The miracles of its functions are amazing. We should recognize that in its beautiful system, the human body was not intended to break down in the middle of life. 

America is known to spend more on health care than any other country, yet we have the highest rate of illness and disease. It is time we look to creating a healthy balance for ourselves and our children so that wellness becomes the new plan of health care. A great opportunity for this is to encourage smarter options for fundraisers as well as children’s and family events. Here are some healthy fundraiser and snack ideas.

Whole foods, rather than sugary snacks

• Homemade popcorn

• Nuts or trail mix

• Fruit cups

• Chips and salsa

• Granola

• Dried fruit

• Veggies with hummus

Smarter beverages

• Fresh lemonade

• Water with a little twist of orange, lime or lemon

• Iced tea with smarter sugars (stevia or honey)

• Dairy-free fruit smoothies

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