Top baby names in 2017


If you named your daughter Sophia or your son Noah in 2017, you weren't alone. Those were the top most popular names in New Mexico, according to the Department of Health's Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics.

Noah has been first or second among the top names for newborn boys.

Sophia means "wisdom" in Greek, and certainly the world is in need of wise people. It was the fourth most popular girl's name across the United States in 2016, according to the website Behind the Name.

Noah comes from the Hebrew word Noach and means rest and comfort, according to the website. It was the most popular boy's name in the United States in 2016.

Aria has returned to the top 10 most popular New Mexico name for girls after falling off the list in 2016.

Mia and Sophia have been the top two names for newborn girls in New Mexico since the department began compiling the list in 2014, but this is the first year that Sophia has overtaken Mia for the top spot.

Aurora and Charlotte made their top-10 debuts on this year's list among girls; Santiago, Ezekiel, Logan and Mateo among boys.

Among the other top names chosen by New Mexico parents for their newborn girls were Olivia, Isabella, Emma, Aria, Ava and Emily.

For boys, other top names included Elijah, Josiah, Daniel, Liam, and Michael.