Wanna dance?

Taos Plaza Live to feature one of the best-dressed bands around


Jump in and swing with Big Swing Theory Thursday (June 14) from 6-8 p.m. at Taos Plaza Live. The jump blues, blues and swing band boasts some of Taos' best-dressed players and their music is sharp as tacks, too. Big Swing Theory is Jackson Price (vocals, guitar), Conrad Cooper (upright bass, vocals), Jeremy Jones (saxophone, vocals) and Max Moulton (drums).

Every Thursday night throughout the summer Taos Plaza Live presents music by local and regional musicians in the heart of downtown Taos. It's a festive occasion that draws out locals and visitors of all ages for a family-friendly good time. Many nights feature two or even three bands, but today's show is two solid hours of upbeat dance tunes with Big Swing Theory.

"We have been together for nine years, have grown together as musicians and have all challenged ourselves as individuals," Price said.

"We have definitely taken this band to a new level over these last two years as we gig more and more and challenge ourselves. We play off of each other live and have found new ways to play the songs we first wrote in the beginning ... while we also add new material regularly to keep it fresh."

Big Swing Theory is working on rehearsing a new set of original songs that are written, but still need to be arranged.

"We are adding more swing beats to our repertoire with swing dancing in mind. We realize we are more of a jump blues band than a swing band, so we aim to bring the 'swing' in as much as the 'jump,'" Price said.

Cooper added, "We are all growing and evolving as people and as musicians, so the creative interactions are always evolving as well."

Price said the band members have been writing and arranging songs together for so long they have become a musical family.

"We are fortunate in this band that we don't have clashing egos. We all show up on time, appreciate each other and love to play music together," Price said.

Their familial bonds translate into a good time for their fans as well. "We have a dedicated crew of supporters who love to come dance," Price said. "Taoseños love their music, and if you play, they will come dance. It's beautiful to see people come shed their inhibitions and dance like they were a kid again -- not a care in the world and no fear of being judged."

Speaking of dancing, Big Swing Theory is planning to start up again with their weekly dance parties, which have included a free dance class to warm up the dancers before the show. This time the fun takes place out at the Taos Mesa Brewing Mothership, 20 ABC Mesa Road, off U.S. 64 west.

Big Swing Theory can be heard at venues all over town, including the first Friday of every month at The Taos Inn. They will perform for the Harwood Museum of Art's annual bash at The Blake on June 23.

"We truly do appreciate what we have here in Taos as a band and as individuals. It's a community of progressive thinking, a mild work ethic, and a whole lot of dancing. We love it," Price said.

Last year, Big Swing Theory was flown out to New England to play a couple of shows. Price said, "People threaten to fly us places pretty frequently when they are drunk, but a couple of times it's actually happened. We have been fortunate to get some great gigs. We've played everything from block parties in Albuquerque to weddings in Rhode Island and birthday parties in California."

Though Big Swing Theory gets around, they say Taos Plaza Live is one of their favorite gigs of the year, and the band extends a big thank you to the Taos County Chamber of Commerce and the other businesses and organizations that make it possible.

Taos Plaza Live is produced by the Chamber and sponsored by local businesses. Next week features the award-winning Dwayne Ortega Band for a full two-hour set. For more information and a complete summer schedule visit or call (575) 751-8800.