Wildcrafted goodness

Precolonial cuisine was the centerpiece of ‘Indigenous Foods Experience’


The “Indigenous Foods Experience” — which took place Friday and Saturday (Oct. 20-21) — was designed as a way to “inform community members, policymakers, tribal government, and tribal programs about Food Sovereignty and why it is important to our community of Taos Pueblo,” according to an announcement of the event.

Members of the general public were also drawn into the experience at a fundraiser Saturday at the Farmhouse Café in El Prado, where samplings were offered by renowned Native American chefs, such as Brian Yazzie (Diné). The foods offered were unique in that all ingredients were not only healthy and natural, but specifically chosen because they existed before colonization. Funds raised will be used to support farm-to-school programs and Taos Pueblo’s Red Willow Farm youth programs. Acclaimed artist and author Roxanne Swentzell also was present to talk about her “Pueblo Food Experience” project.

The Taos News was on hand to photograph Saturday’s wildcrafted food tastings, which can seen in this week’s “On the Scene” column on Page 18 in Tempo magazine.