Yippee-kye-yay, mudder trucker!

Third annual Northern Mountain Taos Mud Bogs attracts regional racers


While the horses were bucking, prancing and showing off their individual coats at the 50th annual Rodeo de Taos, horses of a different nature and decibel level were demonstrating their own respective power at the Northern Madness Taos Mud Bogs – a mere mile south on Salazar Road, June 24.

Names like “Gravedigger,” “Dirty Deeds,” “Troca Loca” and “Hells Bells” owned the Taos Valley airwaves as the roar of high octane engines could be heard from miles away on the hot Saturday afternoon. As these sprint trucks and custom skimmers attempted a crossing through a pasty moat of caliche slurry, the noise was incredible and the action was explosive.

This year’s event was the third annual and featured drivers and modified vehicles from all over the region, including several participants from New Mexico and Southern Colorado. 

This year’s competition was held at the usual location west of Salazar Road and south of Paseo del Cañon. Recently, construction crews finalized the newest segment of Salazar Road just in time to allow fans to access the mud bog grounds via a fresh lift of new pavement and striping.

Though temperatures were high, fans kept cool with shade tents brought from home and cold, hydrating drinks.

This was the second mud bog event to take place in Taos County this month. Up north, the Questa Mud Bogs occurred June 10.