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Pilot Aguilar of Pueblo, Colorado rides his bike through the back area of a building where graffiti writers cover the walls of two buildings comprising Vagrant Heart's art space for its inaugural Street Art Market Saturday (Aug. 17).

Epic ‘spray jam’ covers the walls of Vagrant Heart

The experience was epic. Just strolling around the buildings comprising the Vagrant Heart Gallery on Paseo del Cañón East as dozens of graffiti writers displayed their talents was breathtaking Saturday (Aug. 17) for the venue’s first Street Art Fair.
The artist, Natalina

Natalina makes a bold statement using reimagined discards

“Someday, all of the trash around us will become crystals, rocks and dirt. This planet, Earth, is amazing that way. We often say humans are destroying the Earth, when what we really mean is that we are creating an Earth that is not hospitable toward humanity.”
'Blu' metal sculpture by Stuart Witwer

Creative debris makes a point

When it started out, the annual Arte de Descartes exhibit was designed to inspire recycling, reuse and repurposing discarded materials or … garbage, if you will. But, over the years, …
Tempo Music

Video: Taos Plaza Live - Last to Know

Did you miss the this week's Taos Plaza Live performance? We have video coverage from the event for you to feel like you were there.
Image courtesy of jambase.com

Duwyane Burnside Band Alley Cantina Show canceled

Duwayne Burnside will not be performing tonight at the Alley Cantina. They were slowed down in their travels and won't be rolling into town until much later than expected. 
View from the stage: Last to Know jams during a Taos Plaza Live performance.

Kick out the jams

The kids are headed back to school, and the promise of fall hangs in the crisp night air like the apricots and tall grass abundant now in the area. The temperatures are cooling …
Tempo Culture
Jay Levine, who has been with Renewable Taos from the beginning, will be at the event with his red Tesla Model 3 sharing his experiences on the road.

You'll be steps closer to the future at the Renewable Taos Electric Vehicle Expo

Twentieth-century kids who grew up watching “The Jetsons” cartoons were certain that the cartoon’s bubble-domed personal spaceships would be an everyday feature of 21st-century …
Gordo is an adult male dog pictured at Stray Hearts Animal Shelter.

Gordo got adopted

We just found out our Tempo cover dog this week, Gordo, was adopted along with a bunch of other dogs at Stray Hearts Animal Shelter.

Taos Star Guide

While the Delta Aquarid meteor showers remain in effect until Aug. 23, the Perseid meteor showers are also in full swing now until Aug. 20.
Tempo Film
Brady Noon, Jacob Tremblay and Keith L. Williams star in 'Good Boys'

Now showing in Taos: ‘Good Boys’

There’s a weird kind of formula producer Seth Rogan and his pals have worked out. It goes like this: Write an extremely rude, crude and raunchy comedy ...
Michael Garza and Zoe Margaret Colletti in a scene from 'Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.'

Now showing in Taos: ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’

A big budget feature like “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” might not have played as well if it was adapted from the book series back in the 1980s when they came out ...
From left are Vanessa Kirby, Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson in a scene from 'Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw.'

Now showing in Taos: ‘Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw’

Back in 2001 when the ‘Fast and Furious” franchise started, the stakes were simple ...
Tempo Books
Author Jamie Bernstein
Book review

Composer Leonard Bernstein’s daughter tells all in new memoir

Jamie Bernstein explores the good and bad effects of having a famous father in her memoir, “Famous Father Girl: A Memoir of Growing Up Bernstein.”

A matter of time

A novel-in-stories is an experimental hybrid of forms. What makes it different from the usual novel with chapters is that the stories, unlike chapters, must necessarily stand on their own as …
Jamie Bernstein is a writer, broadcaster, concert narrator and filmmaker whose documentary 'Crescendo: The Power of Music' is on Netflix. She is also the daughter of composer-conductor Leonard Bernstein.

The 'Famous Father Girl'

As the eldest daughter of legendary American conductor and composer Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990), Jamie Bernstein has tales to tell. Coinciding with the centennial birthday celebration of her …

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